Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SAF 2017 10th Anniversary, Tin & Aluminum with Laurie Schmidlin

Hello again! Squeaked in one last card before the deadline for entries into Stampafaire 2017. The nice thing is I have lots of cool techniques to try in the weeks ahead when I get a chance. Always amazed at the folks who  manage to work their way through all of them. I'm poky.

Anyway, this was one of the last challenges for tin and aluminum. I used tin foil although I can see why a tin crafting sheet would work much better; you need the stiffness. I quadrupled my sheet but had to be careful rubbing on the black ink, and looking at the photo I think it could use a bit more black on mine. You can find the video in youtube or the link on Nicole's blog. But thanks Laurie, I had fun with it!

I framed mine in kraft and sort of thought of the old west, with saloons and abandoned mirrors in ghost towns or the tin ceilings and accessories so common then. I was shooting for that sort of look with my card, which is why I framed it in the Stitched Die. I painted the petals on the die in champagne and gold inks; they're a bit translucent so depending on how the light hits it, only some of the leaves look like they're painted, but they all are.

I also liked the way she gilded the bottom half of her die cut sentiment so I tried that too. Cool technique once again.

Thanks for looking and have fun stamping!

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TLady said...

LOVELY JOB on this challenge! I LOVE how you featured this technique!!! SUPER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)