Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SAF First Anniversary Tradition of Paper Hostess: Lauren Bassen

Hello again. Thought I would post this separately as my last one was getting rather long.

I also got a chance to play along with Lauren Bassen's challenge for the first anniversary of paper. She took a cover plate and then paper scraps and using multiple colors, laid out a pretty grid and then selected a few of the cut outs for a vellum overlay. She sewed on the vellum.

I don't have a sewing machine for paper purposes and I realized I don't have a cover plate that does cut outs either. So I cut out separate hearts from paper scraps. Who doesn't have a ton of paper scraps? Then I cut out a few vellum hearts as well. Instead of a sewing machine I put a very thin line of glue in the center of each vellum heart, then when I adhered the hearts and they dried, I used a white gel pen to make faux stitches to mimic the sewing on Lauren's project. I tried to take one shot from an angle that would show the edges of the vellum. They're turned up a bit like a butterfly wing.

Thanks for looking!

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