Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A blog award

This is from my sweet friend Beth. Although I think in the beginning when I got the lemonade stand award from Dell, this might have been part of it too. I have to claim blog etiquette ignorance, I'm still learning! But thank you Beth! Please visit her blog to see her fabulous creations, they are listed on the right under my dork sisters' blog Hartley Handcrafted at Home. She has such a way with 3-D projects, simply amazing!
  I believe the next thing I have to do is say ten honest things about myself:
1. I love the Lord and cannot thank Him enough for ensuring my eternity in heaven through the precious sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. When life here on earth gets me down I can remember this is not my permanent home. 
2. I love my family and my friends, they help me when I'm down as well and celebrate with me when I'm up! 
3. I have a very cluttered house and once at a former job a coworker put up yellow caution tape on my office door as a joke, that's how bad I am!  But unless someone else moves things without telling me, I always know where to find what I need. 
4. Chocolate is the fifth food group . . . I'm a food writer, I should know! :)
5. Hello my name is peggysue and I'm a scrapaholic . . . I am addicted to paper, stamps, ink, embellishments and tools! 
6. My name is not peggysue in real life. 
7. I'm shy and nervous when I meet folks in person, its different than talking online. 
8. Despite that, I think I hold the honor of having met the most dorks in person! Beth, her mom, Laurie, Jackie, Karen (whose middle name is Lynn, did you know that?), Cathi, Lois, Traci, our honorary Motherdork, new honorary dork Jojot, Vikki Jo and Crystal. 
9. As a writer by trade, I have to hold myself back from correcting people's spelling in their posts, aren't you proud of me? I don't do it unless someone asks! 
10. I think my husband is one of the most handsome men I've ever met and I love him to pieces!

I need to pass this along to other bloggers, but I think almost everyone I know has this award already! I will search around as I visit other blogs because I don't want anyone to feel left out. 

P.S. Stephanie, thanks for the great suggestion! The blogger formerly known as 'peggysue' will now be known as a symbol, as soon as I find one I like! :) Ha! 
I picked peggysue as a sign on name when I first started using online services because if I used my real name or initials they always seemed to be taken and then I had to use my name plus a series of numbers that I'd always forget! Peggysue always worked, I seemed to always be the first one to log onto a site with that name, so it stuck. All my online friends know me by that name, doesn't seem logical to use my 'real' identity . . . plus you'd all want to borrow my superhero cape and it would get all dirty . . . :)


IamDerby said...

What?? Your name is not Peggysue? i thought for sure it was. My mom has a cousin named Peggy Sue... and also Linda Rae and Bobby Jo. Or something close to that. I always found it interesting that they went by two names!

Leah said...

You so deserve this award:) And hey, if you want to give your Copics a good home let me know, I am officially obsessed! LOL

Wanted to add, I just looked through the rest of your recent cards and love them all, but especially that little bunny coming out of the lettuce, too cute!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to the blogger known as Peggysue...unless you've already switched to a symbol that no one can pronounce (...Prince) :)

Belinda said...

:) Fun award and fun facts!

Traci M said...

You are so ahead of me with meeting dork friends...I counted 12!! I guess the next time there is a stamping get together in your area, I need to fly over there...I could meet at least another 4 or 5 I bet!!
Congratulations on your award, you are brilliant, even if your brilliance has to be contained with yellow tape!! :)

The Mama Monkey said...

LOL Oh, I know your "real name"!! And, since we are confessing real name is not Mama Monkey. I know, I know...!!

BethH said...

Hey sweet Peggysue! Loved your 10 Honest FActs....I'd agree with chocolate being it's own food group..yup, I can agree with that. Love your work, love your humor and most of all, love you, my friend! :)

JazzyH said...

Congrats! Great blog!

Grace said...

Well whatever you name is... I sure have enjoyed getting to know you better and I so appreciate all your sweet comments and throughtful words shared on Women to Women, as well as on my own blog. You are a sweet soul and your love of Jesus shines through every word! Hugs from another sister in Christ! Also a shy dork in real life if you want to know!!! LOL!

BethieJ said...

WELL WELL WELL.. that is my learn something new today.. Peggysue isnt Peggysue.. You know what that means I wont worry if I spell it wrong anymore! HA HA! I always think am I right at Peggysue.. or PeggySue.. or Peggy Sue.. so no matter what I am safe right! LOL!!
Great list!!! Fun to read about you!!!