Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gift from Grace

This is a blog award from Grace, thank you so much Grace! I admire her work so much. She has had several guest designer positions and now has been asked to be a regular designer for Our Daily Bread Designs, well deserved as her creations are beautiful!

For this blog award, I am to list five things I like to do and then pass it along to five others. I have to admit, I am of two minds over these blog awards. They are sweet, they are special, but I think there is a scope for hurting other's feelings if they don't receive these awards. I try to spread them around, but if I miss someone, it isn't intentional.

1. I love, love, love going to church! :) I couldn't have said that as a kid, although I did like the pretty dresses, hairbows and matching purses my mom bought for me. You wouldn't know it to see me now, I wear jeans all the time, but if they made pretty matching hairbows for women my age I just might get dressed up again. But it isn't the attire that makes going to church so special, the worship lifts me up and the sermons help me make it through the week.

2. I enjoy my papercrafting, I find myself very absorbed and smiling almost the entire time. What a wonderful outlet we have!

3. I love spending time with my family when we are doing an activity together, playing a game, going to the beach, even eating dinner together. It is a rarity because they are all older and spend a lot of time away at school, with friends, at work. So that makes the times we have together more special.

4. I like hiking and walks through nature and forest preserves, and it would be hard to determine a favorite season for doing so. In the springtime you can count just as many shades of green as you can count brown in the Fall. I guess the added adventure in Fall is you get to crunch the leaves while you walk, always fun!

5. I enjoy reading, so much so that I've been known to vacuum while holding a well written novel in front of me, or have the book propped by the sink so I don't miss a paragraph while I wash dishes.

Now to pass it on . . .

One for Wendy
One for LindaB
One for BethieJ
One for Lee
One for Kay


Belinda said...

Yay for awards! :)

Kay said...

I hope that the Kay you mention is me or I am going to feel very foolish thanking you. But I love to live life on the edge so I'm going out on that limb and thanking you!!

Traci M said...

PS, glad you received the award, and it is always nice to read about my friends!!