Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Colorado Journal

A good and dear friend, Traci, invited a few of us to come to Colorado to visit her. She was our hostess and couldn't be nicer and worked so hard to make the weekend as pleasant as possible for everyone! I just wanted to share some of the remembrances from my weekend trip to Colorado. I don't know how to separate photos with text, doesn't work for me, but at the top you'll see the best piece of artwork created all weekend long, the little card my daughter made for me that was waiting on my pillow when I came home. 
I made some new friends. :) The photos with people in it, from left to right is me, Lois, Traci, Cindy and Joanne. We stamped, we laughed, we ate chocolate, we had eggs (thanks to Cindy) and we went shopping. And we stamped . . .did I mention that? We did our best to find a bear to wrestle, but he never showed up, guess we scared him away . . . maybe chocolate affects bears as badly as it does dogs? That was the biggest disappointment of the weekend . . . :)
When I think about it, the one word that really characterizes the weekend is love. Love between friends, the love of my family waiting for me at home, the love of our creator who made such amazing scenery. Anyone who has that kind of love in their life is so fortunate. 


Val said...

Glad you had such a nice time. It's always so great to get away and get rejuvenated.

One Picky Family said...

How fun!

Mothermark said...

What an adorable little welcome home gift Peggysue! It doesn't get any better than that! I am so happy that you found this waiting for you from your little daughter! Gives me warm fuzzies!

It was sure a fun time. I enjoyed every minute of it! That is quite some view of the mountains isn't it! I got a kick out of the three of you and your cameras! Snort!


Joanne (jojot) said...

I agree with every word you was such a warm, fuzzy, and memorable trip spent with gracious, fun, fabulous, and fast friends. Thanks for your part in making these memories so grand.

What a fabulous surprise awaited your arrival home.....such cherished love is awe inspiring!

Thanks so much for sharing your pics as mine are still in camera until my new monitor gets connected (hopefully tonight).

Have a fab day and I will keep up with your happenings......and will never use a RT or peg stamp without thinking of you.


edith said...

looks like you really had a fabulous time with your friends! I'm glad it was a great time for you - and that you had a wonderful warm welcome home from your littlest...

The Mama Monkey said...

I, for one, am glad you did not find a bear to wrestle!! LOL I am so glad you some "me" time!!

Traci M said...

Peggysue, I love your Colorado journal!! Your card from your daughter had to melt your heart, and I am glad you felt the love between all your family and the friendships we continued to make at Steamboat.The scenery there is amazing, and I was really happy to share a place so special to me with you!!
I so enjoyed having you and the rest of the gals there, and won't forget the times we shared!
Thanks for your part in making it special, and for this cool sparkly card that I adore!!
Love you, Traci

BethieJ said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL time was had by all! Sorry about the bear! ;)
Have a GREAT weekend!

irish said...

A darling pic of a bunch of very happy people..Love this view of the mountains

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